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Food, Gas & Electric support

We supported the whole of the UK with food, gas and electric vouchers. This is an initiative that allowed people who couldn't afford to eat, stay warm and more.

To help with food support, we established partnerships with local food banks, grocery stores, and other organisations. Through these partnerships and donations, we were able to distribute food to those in need, ensuring that no one went hungry. We organised a food drive, collected donations, and worked tirelessly to make sure that everyone had access to nutritious meals.

When it came to gas and electric support, we recognised that many individuals and families were struggling to keep their homes warm in the winter and cool in the summer. We worked closely with the families to ultimately help the families save money on their utility bills.

Overall, our efforts with food, gas, and electric support have made a significant impact on the lives of countless people in our community. By providing these essential services, we've been able to alleviate financial burdens, reduce stress, and create a sense of security for those who need it most.

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